Window Tinting for more than your Car

When you think of window tinting, your first thoughts most likely take you to your car or truck windows. It is true that most vehicles come standard with at least a small amount of window tinting. However, learning to apply this same type of tinting material could help you save money in other areas. Here are a few ideas to implement your window tinting skills.

Cost Effective way to Improve Home Energy Costs

The cost of a role of tinting film is negligible in comparison to the high prices associated with heating and cooling costs of your home. With that said, one of the number one areas of your home for heat loss and entry are your windows.

Unless you have energy-efficient rated windows, you are probably losing a substantial amount of heat as the cold air from outside penetrates through the glass windows of your home. The same is true in reverse; meaning that you are spending more on cooling your home than you should be as the sun’s intense rays of summer flood your home through those same windows.

By installing the same kind of window tinting that you would install on your vehicle, you transition those plain glass windows from being heat and cold conductors into reflectors that reflect the sun’s rays in the summer; as well as adding an extra layer of insulation to help keep cold air from penetrating the glass in the winter months.

Create some Privacy

Using dark tinting film on sliding glass doors, or clear glass shower doors create a privacy barrier preventing anyone on the outside from easily looking in.

This is especially effective when used on a front door window, as it makes it harder for visitors to see inside at night when you have your porch light on and the interior lights illuminate; without obstructing your view of who is at the door.

Decorating with Tinting Film

Tinting filming is an excellent product for creating a frosted look to any interior glass surface, such as a conference room divider wall, or office building’s front entrance. You can use tinting film to create logos, shapes, patterns, or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Hiring a window designer, or sign maker to come in and install your company’s signage or window designs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, by spending a few hours using tinting film to install your own logos, signage, and design preferences you have full control over the end result and save a lot of money in the process.

Creating Colored Glass Surfaces

Colored glass is an elegant yet expensive detailing that creates an impressive look to any space. An easy and cost effective way to achieve this same look is to use colored tinting film. Window tinting film comes in an assortment of colors making your options

almost limitless; and with the material being so inexpensive, you could change the color as frequently as you change your mood.

Window tinting can save you a fortune in energy costs, decorating and sign fees, and create added privacy in those areas where you may need a bit more at a fraction of the cost of using colored glass or installing new windows. So the next time you have a glass project, consider tinting film as an affordable alternative to replacement products.