Take Good Measures for Your Car Safety in the Winter

Winter time can be difficult for your car to handle. With slick road conditions and horrendous weather, it can take quite a toll on your vehicle. This means that you need to take extra care of your car so that it can sustain in this weather. Please be sure to take the proper steps in order to get the most out of your car during the coldest time of the year. Here are some tips to help you be safer in your vehicle during the winter time.

Check Your Batteries and Underside of the Drive Belts

This is the first major step that’s crucial to check in the winter. If your battery is malfunctioning or going bad, you definitely want to replace that before winter comes. Keep in mind that you need a fully charged battery to start your engine in the winter. Look for one in great condition. Even if you have a relatively new battery, please make sure you check the terminals and cable ends for corrosion and loose connections. You need to make sure everything is tight knit. It may be wise to get your battery tested by a professional. Once you’ve checked out the battery, inspect the drive belts for cracking or fraying. It’s wise to change these after your first 60,000 miles.

Look for Any Holes and Cracks

Severe weather conditions can leave your car very sensitive. You want to check your hoses because they are susceptible to cracks, leaks, and more.  Also, it’s a good idea that you check your car’s fluids. Your brake and power steering fluids should be optimal. Remember, the winter time has a lot of bad conditions for roads. It’s important to have a good brake to stop when needed. Additionally, your steering has to be good because you can easily get your car to spin out or swerve, which will pose a threat to your life and those on the road. It’s wise to check the coolant level in the engine when it’s cold. You can put some coolant and water in there if it’s low to help your car stay at a good anti-freeze level. Likewise, you should also check your wipers. Any dings and cracks need replacement. Your wipers should also be able to get any fluid off the window. Take caution if it leaves a streak. Your visibility on the road is extremely important especially if you catch yourself in a snow or ice storm.

Invest in Snow Tires

Look for an auto shop to get a good deal on snow tires. They will help you find ones that work well with your car so you can keep traction on those dangerous days of snow and ice. Try to get these before winter really starts to come down with heavy snow. You’ll thank yourself later for being proactive. All-season tires generally work during light snow and ice. However, you should make sure these tires are in great condition. Wear and tear easily makes treading more difficult in bad conditions. Winter time can be troubling time for your vehicle. Make sure you take these steps to help you get through the weather.