Pay Attention to Your Dashboard Lights

Safety is a must when it comes to driving your vehicle. Not only do you need pay attention to the road, but you must look at your dashboard. Some of the indicators on your dashboard will tell you whether something is wrong internally. You need to treat your car with proper care in order to make it function correctly. As you turn on your car, take a look at your dashboard lights to see what’s wrong. Here are a few things you should look out for when it comes to your dashboard lights.

Take a Look at the Tire Pressure System

Having the right tire pressure is very important because bad pressure leads to accidents. Also, you won’t be using your car’s fuel properly. You’ll have to overcompensate which leads to more gas use. You can view the icon on the dashboard that looks like half a tire with an exclamation point.  Sometimes, it might be just a yellow triangle depending on the manufacture. When you see this light come on, you’ll find out that one of your tires has lowered in air pressure. As a result of low pressure, the tire easily gets flat due to major heat and damage.  Sometimes, this can even cause your car to spiral out of control. You need to get this checked out immediately before anything severe happens.

Make Sure Your Traction is Good

This is very important especially on days where there’s snow, rain, and ice. The light indicator for traction control will have a tire and ‘TC’ in it. Other cars may have a triangle and skid marks. Traction control helps you stop in the snow or mud without the drive wheel spinning. If your wheel spins too fast or long it could harm your transmission. In more severe cases, it could do damage to the engine. You should see the icon light up when it’s activated. If you find that your traction control is on during a typical day (no snow or rainfall), then you may need to get it checked out. Your icon could be malfunctioning or worse. Having good traction can help save you from accidents. That’s why it’s so imperative that you have the right tires to help guide you through the storm. Your life is at stake when it comes to these severe conditions.

Check for a Maintenance Reminder

It’s common sense that you need regular checkups with the vehicle. However, if you’ve slacked off, the car will have it in lights that you need maintenance. You’ll be reminded that you need to do your emission test or scheduled maintenance. This is very important for the upkeep of your car. Additionally, getting these things done will make your vehicle run smoother. Take it to the shop to make sure everything is proper working order. Every now and again you should take notice of your dashboard lights. They not only help to keep your car in good condition, but you’ll have a safer drive. Take the proper measures to ensure that you stay on top of things.