Key Tips to Help You Change Your Tire

When it comes to your car, it’s important to know how to change your tire. It’s important to know this because you never know when you’re out on the road and you may catch a flat. When you’re aware of the key steps to help you change your tire, you’ll save a lot of heartache and grief from being in a situation that may stress you out. It’s a good skill to learn because you don’t need to depend on a car expert to solve a simple process. Here are some tips to change your tire.

Taking the Right Motions to Help You Change Your Tire


Here are a few things you need to help you make the process easier. You need safety goggles to protect your eyes, wheel chock, jack, lug wrench, and a spare tire. Take a few precautions to help you go through the right motion. Put your vehicle in park and make sure you have the emergency brake on so your car doesn’t go anywhere. Also, get the wheel chock on deck so that your wheels don’t rotate randomly. This will make things easier to help lift your wheels up. Now, we can begin actually changing your tire.

Learn to Position and Jack Up Your Car

Make sure you get your car in the right position in order to properly fix the tire. First of all, you need to loosen the lug nuts by going in a left direction. Make sure before you begin to jack the car, your car is in park and the emergency brake is on. You don’t want your car sliding off of a slope or anything. Take the right care to prevent any movement from your vehicle. Pay attention to your vehicle manual to see where some of the items you need are placed in the car. You’ll find certain items in the trunk to help you change your tire. After this point, you can place the jack under your frame rail. Take your time to raise the vehicle now. Do it just enough so that your flat tire can spin around with no problem.

Putting Your Spare on the Vehicle

Watch your head as you begin to remove the lug nuts completely so that you can take the tires off. At times this can get a bit rough because the wheel may feel stuck. This is natural especially if you’ve had the tires on tight. Simply just slap around the side gently. You never know if rust got in the way which could be the cause for the tire being so tight. You’ll find that spare tires might be half the weight of the original tire. When you put the new tire on, make sure everything is tight and that the jack is snug so you don’t run into any problems.  Taking the proper steps to help you install the new tire will ensure that you don’t get into any issues on the road. These are just a few key tips to help you change your tire.