How to Properly Detail Your Vehicle

Just like the exterior of your car, you need to make sure the interior is sound. Detailing can get a bit pricey when it comes to a good exterior/interior cleaning, but it’s necessary to keep your car as a home on wheels. This shows you give it the proper care it needs to smell good and look good on the inside. It’s like taking care of your room at home. It should be a place where you can relax and focus on the road while you drive to your destination. Here are some good tips to help you properly detail your car.

Having the Right Materials to Clean 

Detailing is not a hard job once you have the right items to use for the service. You’ll need the following: gloves, soft brush, hard brush, towel, and leather cleaner. Additionally, you need a good carpet cleaner that you can dilute on a 50-50 scale. This way things you don’t eat into your carpet. The leather cleaner is perfect for your leather seats. The hard brush is great for getting stains out of your carpet. The soft brush is used to get the small stuff out of the way. Of course, the gloves are so you don’t get anything on your bare skin. With that being said, you can begin the process of detailing your vehicle.

Detailing the Outside

Put your gloves on, get some 409 (you should dilute this a bit), and spray a bit of it in a bucket. You can then take some water and let it rise to about halfway. From that point, you can get a mitt and soak it up. Make sure your careful not to get any on yourself while you clean. Start by using your hose to spray water over your car. This helps to get a nice blank board for your cleaning solution to soak in. You don’t have to get a fancy mitt, just make sure it’s usable. Take your mitt and start with the tires. Remember, you want to get into the nooks and crannies of all the crevices on the outside. You don’t have to scrub too heavy on the lighter places of your vehicle. Just make sure you take your time to clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning Your Carpet and Seats

For the carpets, you want to use more of a carpet solution. You can dilute this a bit and really get the stains and annoying spots out of the way. Be sure you have the right solution so you don’t end up with bleach marks. A good brush is great for gently scrubbing your carpet as you go along. Next, you want to get your leather cleaner and spray the seats. You can get the softer brushes so you don’t scratch up your leather. Take your time and get every spot so that you’ll have a fully clean job. Pay attention to the door panels as well as the dash and use the same cleaning solution if they are leather as well. Just be careful because you’re working near more electronic stuff. This will help you get a great detailing job for the exterior and interior of your vehicle.